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Best Dark Spot Corrector – Cyspera Review

February 20, 2021

Dark Spot Corrector

Hi everyone, in this video, I review a dark spot corrector (Cyspera) which I’ve been using for the dark spots on my face. It can also be used for body hyperpigmentation (including knees and elbows), melasma, lip hyperpigmentation, and intimate areas hyperpigmentation.


You can rub this over makeup. You’re not supposed to wash your face before using it. Hi everyone. Today I’d like to review a novel Dark Spot corrector. This dark spot, corrector means so much to me because it rivals the results of hydroquinone. You guys know how much I love hydroquinone. This rivals the results of hydroquinone without the side effects. Its key ingredients are cysteamine and niacinamide. So if you’re someone who’s struggling with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, lip hyperpigmentation, melasma, body hip argumentation, intimate areas hyperpigmentation. This product is for you.

How do you use this?

Luckily you only get to use this once a day, so less hassle. Use once a day, do not wash your face before use. and for some reason wash your face. You have to wait another hour before you can apply this product, so be sure not to wash your face. It can be applied over makeup, so don’t worry about that.  When you apply it, wait 15 minutes before you wash up with a gentle cleanser. Then proceed to observe your regular routine.

And just as an aside, this product works well with retinoids for those wandering. The use of this product consists of two phases. The first phase is the intensive phase, where you use it every day for about 16 weeks. And the second phase is the maintenance phase where you use it once a day, twice weekly.

This is especially relevant for people who struggle with melasma. This is a great way to keep rebound hyperpigmentation at bay. The next point I want to discuss is when to expect results.

When to expect results

Expect to see results in four to twelve weeks.

Where can you get this product? 

Click this Link to purchase Cyspera (cysteamine)



Cyspera https://lddy.no/yutj

Tretinoin http://hackingskincare.com/product-links/

Cerave Cleanser https://amzn.to/2L0QVsj

Moisturizer https://amzn.to/3oidEi6



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