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Should I use Hydroquinone all Over or Only on Affected Areas?

July 4, 2020

Question: “Do any dark-skinned people use Hydroquinone on their whole face? I have multiple skin tones due to hyperpigmentation, wondering if I’d have to avoid my non-pigmented skin.”

I remember asking my dermatologist this same question-although about my legs (had dark spots all over)-and he being conflicted about it. It also seemed like he didn’t want to give a definitive answer. Well here’s one…

Answer: “I’m currently using it on my whole face because I have spots in multiple places. My derm said light layer all over and heavier on the spots. It’s super hard to only target spots when you have as many as I do and before all the “hydroquinone is cancer vibes,” … instructions were to use all over the face to avoid patchiness twice a day for no longer than 3 months then take a month off.”

Credit: reddit.com/user/Symph839/

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